Contractual Joint Venture Project of Agricultural Forest Land in Preah Vihear Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

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  I. Project Introduction
 (I) The Project lies in Zhuangshan County, Preah Vihear Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, with a floor area of 29,082 hectares (about 436,239 Mu, 1 Mu=0.0666667 hectares), to serve as an agricultural land for families of Third Garrison in Preah Vihear Province.
 (II) Preah Vihear Province is a big province in the north of Kingdom of Cambodia and borders Thailand and Laos. It features lush vegetation and an annual average temperature of about 27°C, with agriculture as its pillar industry. Plenty of rainwater under tropical monsoon climate is very suitable for growth of crops.  The province also possesses abundant forest resources, rich in valuable teak, ironwood, red sandalwood, rosewood, white wood and other tropic woods, as well as a variety of bamboos.
  II. Contents of Contractual Joint Venture
 (I) Term of contractual joint venture: 20 ~ 50 years.
 (II) Way of contractual joint venture: The Owner of the forest land is to cooperate with investor in planting of eucalyptus. The Owner of the forest land will provide planting site and be responsible for handling those formalities related to project approval, deforestation and transportation. Investor will be responsible for funding (including multiple funding ways like funding with seedlings, chemical fertilizers and maintenance and management fees) and operating in this joint venture. Revenues from sales of lumbers shall be distributed as per investment proportions or agreed proportions.
 III. Remarks
 (I) In later period, the Owner of the forest land shall give assistance in approval for setup of sheet mill, approval for export of sheets and other necessary work.
 (II) There are no restrictive requirements on area in early stage of this joint venture.
 (III) Investor can also carry out other agricultural items including planting, cultivation etc. to meet its investment demands.
 IV. Contact Information
 Mr. Li: +86 18378812535; Mr. Huang: +86 15578991413


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