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China-ASEAN Resources Factor Trading(Business and Investment)Service Platform

China-ASEAN Resources Factor Trading (Business&Investment) Service Platform is a comprehensive service platform for trading resource factors and business investment consultation between China and ASEAN countries which is built by Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group. China-ASEAN Resources Factor Trading (Business&Investment) Service Platform is aim to provide professional trading services for equity and assets of companies from China and ASEAN. Here assets refer to production equipment, houses, projects under construction & land use right and assets, intellectual property, forest property, mining right. It will also provide trading services for bulk commodity and investment and financing services. According to the important mission of “constructing factor market for ASEAN”given by the People’s Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group has tried hard to build a two-way channels of resources circulation between China and ASEAN countries resources circulation, boost economic and trade integration and accelerate the development of China and ASEAN countries.


Key Projects Promotion



Trading Services

  • Transferring and Leasing of All Kinds of Assets (land, equipment, houses, cars, etc.)
  • Partners Selection
  • Enterprise Purchasing
  • Rural Property Right Trading
  • Forest Rights and Products Transactions
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Trading
  • Cultural Property & Products Trading
  • Environmental Rights and Interests Trading
  • Tourism Resources Trading
  • Franchise Rights Trading

Financing Services

  • Investors Selection Services for Capital Increase and Share Expansion
  • Investors Selection Services for Bankruptcy Reorganization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Services & Bank Mortgage Loans Supporting Services
  • Mortgage for All Kinds of Equity
  • Investment Services of Various Industrial Parks
  • Financial Leasing Services

Conculting & other Value-Added Services

  • Consulting Services for Enterprises Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Restructuring and Projects Financing
  • Road Show Supporting Services
  • Trading Custody and Attestation
  • Due Diligence
  • Fund Custody for Cross-Border Transactions
  • Event Planning and Professional Training

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